World Wide Missions

At Calvary, we love missionaries and it is our desire to be actively involved in supporting missionaries to many different countries both monetarily and prayerfully. While we as a church may not be able to go to the various countries in need of the gospel, we can do our part to help send good, God-called missionaries, Bible-believing missionaries to fulfill what God has called them to do. Our annual Mission's Conference is scheduled each year in October. Pastor Tribuzio and his family were missionaries in Australia and he knows the frustration that can come by not receiving return calls or emails in a timely manner. We, at Calvary, do not want to be part of that frustration. So, if you'd like to be considered for a meeting to present your ministry, please feel free to email Pastor Tribuzio at and he will get back with you as soon as possible.

Bus Ministry

Our bus ministry is available to pick up children and families who don't have a ride to church. You don't have to be a kid to ride our buses. If you'd like to come to church or if you have a child who would like to come, please feel free to give us a call at (765)832-2721.

Men's Ministry

Each month the men get together for food, fellowship and a Biblical devotion. Men of all ages are welcome to attend. Our goal in this is to cultivate a culture for men to be what God intended them to be. We are training young men to be grown up in their youth and husbands to be the husband that God wants them to be.

Ladies Ministry

Each month the ladies of our church get together for a Biblical devotion, pray for our missionaries, send cards and correspondence to various different people in order to be a blessing, and have a monthly birthday lunch, and enjoy good food and wonderful fellowship. Ladies of all ages are welcome to attend.

Children & Youth Ministry

We offer exciting opportunities for your children to grow in the Lord. Rest assured that whether your child is in a Sunday school class, children's church, or VBS they will be being taught the word of God. It is our prayer that your child would trust Jesus Christ as their Saviour and get to experience a new life in Christ after salvation.

Monday night prayer

Each Monday night at 630pm some of our church members meet at the church in order to pray for our country and various other prayer requests that may arise throughout the week. It is our goal to be a praying church. Prayer is one of the most neglected and most important privileges that we have as Christians, to be able to talk with the creator of the universe and know that He hears you and that He cares about what's on your mind. How Amazing!!